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With just inches from the edge, he could fall into the freezing and filthy river by simply turning in his sleep.Barely a foot between him and a 20ft drop to the water, this rough sleeper risks death as he beds down on the narrow ledge by the Thames.A Sprowston man who says he was delivering food and drink items to the homeless of Norwich on Christmas Day has received a penalty notice for driving down a bus lane.Brian Herbison received a penalty notice yesterday for driving down the bus lane in St Stephen’s Street, which is reserved for buses and taxis only.WASHINGTON—Fed up with the constant notifications about threats to the United States, an exasperated President Trump was trying to figure out how to unsubscribe from the boring national security email list, sources reported Thursday.SAN ANTONIO—Shuddering as he recalled the details of the traumatic encounter, local man Christopher Gao told reporters Thursday that he walked in on one of his roommates having his way with his leftovers in the kitchen.Shocking images of a man risking a 20ft plunge into the River Thames are yet more evidence of London’s growing homeless crisis.

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Mr Herbison’s fine is for £60, cut to £30 if paid within 14 days.*In Scotland, local authorities are obliged to house homeless people that same day.Because of this, rough sleepers are dealt with on a town or city-by-city basis.INDIANAPOLIS—Upon discovering what appeared to be an ideal parking spot Friday, members of the Jowhari family reportedly dispatched their mother, Anita, on a fact-finding mission to investigate the details of a nearby street sign.PALM BEACH, FL—Clawing over each other and gasping for air as they emerged, hundreds of miniature Sean Hannitys reportedly burst from Roger Ailes’ corpse Thursday shortly after the former Fox News CEO’s death.

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